Never Spill Spout Inc.
For your SAFETY
Box 781, Niverville, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1E0
The Never Spill Spout sounds an alarm when your bin is full, preventing spillage! Never  
offerfill a bin again! Never climb a bin ladder to check how full it is! Never plug another  
auger! No need for individual bin indicators! Never spill another bushel!

New Model "NO Snag Spout" NOW AVAILABLE! New for 2014, the spout is bright orange  
to increase visibility at night! Also new for 2014, the Never Spill Spout includes 2 alarms  
for even more volume!
History on the Never Spill Spout Full Bin Alarm

The NEVER SPILL SPOUT is a classic Farmer's invention. John and Angelika Gehrer have a grain farm. John  
designed the Never Spill Spout in 2003 when he realized there was nothing on the market that met his needs.  
They are in their tenth year of manufacturing the Spout with over 4000 satisfied customers in Canada, the  
United States and New Zealand.

The NEVER SPILL SPOUT eliminates the need for individual bin fill indicators. From a safety perspective  
farmers using the NEVER SPILL SPOUT will never have to climb high bin ladders to visually check grain  
levels, no more spilling grain or plugging augers.
The NEVER SPILL SPOUT is installed in 20 minutes. As of June 2012 they have a new “No Snag” Model.  
They are available for 10, 13 and 16 inch Augers. The Spout is longer and comes with Flex spouts already.  

The NEVER SPILL SPOUT is placed about 2-4 feet into the grain bin from the top of the bin. Once the grain  
reaches the bottom of the Spout the grain pushes an enclosed diaphragm sensor switch and an alarm alerts the  
operator that the bin is full. Once the alarm is on, continued filling results in the grain flowing out the side of  
the NEVER SPILL SPOUT, preventing plugging of the auger and giving the operator time to shut down the  

Since 2013 the Spout comes with TWO ALARMS. It is louder and adds reliability. The NEVER SPILL  
SPOUT comes with a 12 volt halogen night light placed at the discharge end of the auger. This light is very  
convenient for night operation when moving the auger to a different bin; it also serves as a check to ensure  
that the system is energized. The NEVER SPILL SPOUT system is 12 volt, and plugs into the standard 7-
prong outlet of tractors. For older tractors without the outlet, they can supply the 7-prong receptacle to be  
permanently installed on the tractor. This 12 volt system insures that no additional batteries have to be  
bought and charged and maintained.
Never Spill Spout Inc.
Box 781, Niverville, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1E0

John & Angelika Gehrer